Android is one of the best operating system in the world. But it does not mean that android is flawless. The fact is that the longer the use the slower the performance of the android or tablet. Technically, it is because the system itself creates junk files which will take spaces of the android storage over and over that makes it bothering the android performance. So, to accomplish this matter, let’s identify the reasons why this problem appeared and how to accomplish them.

The left empty storage is run out

It is the most often because why android become slower. You can check remain storage space on the setting>> storage. Ideally, there should be more than 20 % storage as sufficient space in order to guarantee the android performance.

To accomplish this problem, you can do some actions. First, uninstall unused applications, delete all cache data as well as other junk file by using Clean Master, arrange large files such as photo files, music and so forth on the mobile neatly. Do not forget to back-up them on your computer.

The use of Widget is Too much

Indeed, widgets are always interesting. But it can lead problems even enables your smartphone become slower. Most widgets are definitely torturing the android performance, moreover if you use 3rd party launcher. The launcher will render the widget when you will open the home screen and of course affect RAM of the android. It becomes worst if more than three widgets attached. The only solution for this problem is just being wise when using the widget. 

The wrong use of animation setting

Every 3rd party of android launcher has its own animation setting. It could be not optimum on your android because the android setting is not suitable with the launcher setting used. If you can access the setting through setting page, go to developer option in order to adjust the launcher used. You can figure out the reference related to that through Google. It might be quite tricky for you, but is still really helpful. 

Too many background applications with limited RAM

If too many applications are installed on your android, there are also many applications running on the background and take RAM space too. If the background applications are too excessive, the consumption of the RAM will be also increased. As the consequence, the android performance will be slower. 

The solution for this issue is by clearing the memory through setting or use an application, like Clean Master. But it is such a short way because the fact, the background application still will full your RAM again. The better way you can apply is by using Greenify application which is able to lock down the background application and make them hibernated so that those could not fulfil the RAM space anymore. This application is without any root. But it will be max if the android device has been root. 

The Android is rarely to be restarted

A lot of error system on the android or applications could be fixed easily by restarting the smartphone. If your smartphone is never shut down for a very long time and it becomes slower, the simplest way to fix the problem you can try is just shut your mobile down.