On every new version, Google always presents abundance new features which are guaranteed very helpful for the users. Unfortunately, not all of the features are explained detailed by Google. That is why you need to know these tips in order to use your android smartly. Check these several smart tips to operate the OS made by Google.

1. Use Keyboard More Easily

In order to move the mode from letter to number, you can push “123”. Basically, this button is placed on the beneath, next to the “,” button. But, it might be very disturbing you. So, there is a short and simple way for you to fix it.

You can push the letter “Q” for little bit longer for number 1, letter “W” for number 2 and letter “E” or number 3, and so forth.

For you who just move from using a cell phone with physical keyboard (not touch screen) to a touch screen cell phone, you might feel not comfortable using the virtual keyboard. The newest android series is equipped with Swype feature that allows you to type without having to move your fingers off the keyboard. Just move off your fingers as you finish typing a word. It is guaranteed that it is more accurate than the ordinary one.

To see whether the Swype feature is working or not on your android just create a word. If there is no line appeared on the letter wanted, it means that the feature is not active. Hold the Space bar button and choose menu “Select Input Method”, then choose Swype.

2. Unlock the Cell Phone Using Face

To open the Home page on an android, some users apply password, PIN or a certain pattern. Google itself has added a new security feature. You can get in to the homepage by using face as the code. However, this feature is not available on all androids. It is because it needs two cameras attached on the phone in order to use such a feature, face unlock.

For you who have android with front camera, just go to menu respectively, Settings and then Security, Security, Screen Lock, and then choose Face Unlock.

3. Screenshot You can take a picture from a display you are seeing in a very short time.

You do not need any additional application for this. You just need to hold the button “Home” and add “Volume Down”. Then it will take screenshot automatically. The result of the shot will be saved on Gallery folder. Sadly, this feature is only provided at least on Ice Cream Sandwich OS and up.

4. Quick Access to Certain Contact

There is much easier way to directly find your favourite contact. Rather than look for the contact through the “Contact” menu, or even type over and over the name, you can use Widget contact. Thanks to the widget, you can place the photo of the contact you like on the home page. When the photo is pushed, you will get an option whether you want to call or send him or her a message.

The how to operate it is easy. You just need to go to All Apps menu, Widgets, and then choose Widget Contact. When choosing the widget, you are allowed to choose a contact from the list available.

5. Use Widget Power Control

by using the widget, you can save battery power. Through the widget, you can quickly activate or deactivate the wifi function, Bluetooth, GPS, automatic syncing (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and managing the brightness of the screen layar (low, medium, atau auto). You can use this widget default.