It is no wonder that almost all people across the globe have a social media account, even more than one. Social media enable us to be someone we want to be. You can build a certain description that might not be reached on your real life. A short word we can say, social media can give you someone you really want to be. 

There are some reasons why social media can give so. Just take the most famous social media as the example. Facebook is a kind of social media that enables you to add everyone around the world. It allows you to build a person with different life without having not to be scared if they know who you really are. Since so many people do not be satisfied enough with their own life, it is such a shortcut to run-away from their real life. It is why people are easy to get addicted with such a thing.  Social media is just like a breakthrough to what they want to reach.

It might not be totally bad to pretend to be someone you want to be as long as you do not use it for doing something bad or even break any legal law or even and you do not lose your own control. However, it is quite scary if you get addicted and even lost your control on your own. Instead of being better because you have a chance to feel someone you want to be, you become so much disappointed with your real life and in fact want to get your real life out and move to the imaginary one. It can cause depression or even worse.

In order to avoid such bad matters, it is very good to take your consciousness about which one is the real one and which one is only imaginary. You also need to be discipline to limit your time spending in social media. Never ever let this cyber world take your life. Make sure you can control yourself. 

Those might not useful enough when you are about to get addicted, if there is none besides you care about you or warn you about this. So, before it is getting worse, make sure you have some know you in your real life and care of you to join into your cyber world in your social media. Make sure they pay attention to what you are doing. Then ask them to remind you when you almost trespass the forbidden line.