Social media is to be one of the new trends in sophisticated society. It is not only teenagers who love to use it but also children and even old people including your parents deal with it. 

Based on a research, Facebook now is to be such a hobby and even a new need for society. On the other hand, using Facebook arbitrarily can adverse the owners. So, using Facebook wisely and smartly is a must. In that way, you are still able to use this social media for any positive needs without having to take yourself in risky position.  There are five tips you might apply in order to use Facebook properly. 

Avoid Making A Friend With The One Hostile You

It is so clear that people who do not like you will bring negative circumstance. Instead of making any relationship in your Facebook with them, just unfriend them in order to avoid any trouble later. 

Pay Attention To Whom You Are Posting

Now, Facebook has a new feature that allows the user not to post too many or even excessive to other people. Therefore, now the users are easier to make sure that the posting they share has been selected. 

Always Talk Positive Or Good Things

Try to share any positive stuff on your timeline. Lessen any useless or even dangerous words since it might take you into new trouble later. Try not to complaint about your job, talking any weird things and so forth. If you want to share a story about private matters, do not do it through Facebook.  

Avoid Any Debate

It is normal if we make mistakes including saying something bad on Facebook. But you do not have to get mad and make you comment emotionally. Everybody has a mistake. Do not get involved into debate that finally makes you looked stupid with you useless words. 

Do Not Overshare

Oversharing is such behaviour in which someone is too over when post anything on her/his timeline or even directed to someone else. Instead of getting attention from others, he/she will get bad impression with that moreover if the thing she/he share are so private.