As the first step of using module “Featured Youtube Slider”, it should be by ensuring that the module has been installed on your Joomla website. After ensuring that the module has been installed, you can go to “Module Manager” and please find “featured Youtube Slider” and open it.

The next step is that the configuration page for the module is opened (on the up left, below the menu written Module Manager: Module mod_featured_youtube_slider). You will find several parameters which are able to be adjusted to your need for your website. On each parameter, there is explanation about the purpose of the parameter itself. Then will be pop up containing explanation above. For the clearer explanation, check this picture below.

Now the time to submit the parameter of the module.

I. The most primary one is “Videos ID”
This parameter is fulfilled with “video Character” that contains unique character provided to be copied from the character after

For example: 

  • url from the video is and
  • Then the "Video Character" is xXxXxXxX and 0X0X0X0X
  • Then you need to fulfil the "Videos ID" with xXxXxXxX,0X0X0X0X
  • Separate each ID with a comma, if there are 8 ID, then you can type them like these:

II. Number Per Row, The number of videos thumbnail for each row

III. Video Width and Video Height, Defines the width and the Height of the Video Display

IV. And some other parameters that we are sure you will understand easily. Do not forget to pay attention to the default value we have fulfilled.

Aside the explanation above, you can see this video below: