Some android applications could not be installed through Play Store. It is because several reasons, one of those is android device as known as Google Android. Actually, it makes sense because the freedom of OS Android use makes many new producers of cell phone and tablet using OS Android appear.

It is not only because your new cell phone or tablets that are not recognised by Play Store, there are some other factors that makes your device could not be embedded with some applications. One of those is Country Region policy. Country Region policy is one of policy at Play Store that makes some applications only able to be installed on certain countries.

However, you still have chance to install applications from other sources including installing manually from .apk file instead of Play Store since Android is open source.

Them how to get the .apk file? Here you can try some tips to install file manually .apk file and also how to get entrusted and official .apk from Google Play. Check the tips below:

  1. Before installing manually, check the option on System Setting > Security > Device Administrator and also give check mark to the Unknown Source option.
  2. Use computer/laptop and enter to Google Play web at then search to the application you want.
  3. After you found the apps you want to install, copy the link url and then.
  4. Enter to the address at and paste the link Google Play.
  5. Click the button “Generate Download Link” and then wait until the downloaded link appear.
  6. Download the file .apk and transfer to Android (you can use data cable, Bluetooth or Wi-fi file sharing like AirDroid and such things)
  7. Open the application File Explorer/File Manager at Android, and go to the folder where you save the .apk file.
  8. Install .apk file.

That’s easy to do, right? You can use facility from Apk Downloader to be applied to other applications you find on Play Store. But, you only can get .apk file on free- applications.

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