Social media is to be one of the new trends in sophisticated society. It is not only teenagers who love to use it but also children and even old people including your parents deal with it. 

Based on a research, Facebook now is to be such a hobby and even a new need for society. On the other hand, using Facebook arbitrarily can adverse the owners. So, using Facebook wisely and smartly is a must. In that way, you are still able to use this social media for any positive needs without having to take yourself in risky position.  There are five tips you might apply in order to use Facebook properly. 

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Smartphone can be such a precious thing. It is not only about the price which might be expensive enough for some of them but also about the function that often used to keep important data of the owner.

There are about three millions people losing their smartphone last year. You can imagine how worse it will be if they kept their important data in it. So, securing the data from any theft is important to do. Never ever let your important data fallen to wrong people.

It is some tips you can apply to your smartphone in order to avoid any data theft when you are in the middle of un-luck condition such mentioned above.

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All people now must have an android for their cell phone. One thing about android everybody knows is the limited power of the battery. That makes the use of the android more limited. Then, how to fix it? The answer is simple. You just need to optimize the effectiveness of the android. Here are some steps you can follow: 

You need to charge the battery when the position of the battery is on the threshold that is about 10 percents. And make sure that you have stopped when the charging is reaching 100 percents. 

As the saving step, you can inactivate the vibrating feature. It is easy to do. Just get the check sign off on the Vibrate settings.  Then, do not forget to shut the Automatic Brightness down. Why? It is because it will lessen the processor work.

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As the first step of using module “Featured Youtube Slider”, it should be by ensuring that the module has been installed on your Joomla website. After ensuring that the module has been installed, you can go to “Module Manager” and please find “featured Youtube Slider” and open it.

The next step is that the configuration page for the module is opened (on the up left, below the menu written Module Manager: Module mod_featured_youtube_slider). You will find several parameters which are able to be adjusted to your need for your website. On each parameter, there is explanation about the purpose of the parameter itself. Then will be pop up containing explanation above. For the clearer explanation, check this picture below.

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