Android is one of the best operating system in the world. But it does not mean that android is flawless. The fact is that the longer the use the slower the performance of the android or tablet. Technically, it is because the system itself creates junk files which will take spaces of the android storage over and over that makes it bothering the android performance. So, to accomplish this matter, let’s identify the reasons why this problem appeared and how to accomplish them.

The left empty storage is run out

It is the most often because why android become slower. You can check remain storage space on the setting>> storage. Ideally, there should be more than 20 % storage as sufficient space in order to guarantee the android performance.

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In daily activity, you might use more than one instant messenger in order to keep in touch with your friends. You are used to using different messengers for different friends. You might install various instant messengers such as Whatsapp, Line, BBM, and many more. Then, sometimes you will get headache with too many notifications coming from those. Actually, you can unify the notification to be one inbox. Follow these several instructions in order to unify them. 

Step 1:

Install Snowball Application

At first, you need to install snowball application. It is an application which will become the inbox for all of the instant messengers you have. However, you still need to install the instant messengers you use.

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On every new version, Google always presents abundance new features which are guaranteed very helpful for the users. Unfortunately, not all of the features are explained detailed by Google. That is why you need to know these tips in order to use your android smartly. Check these several smart tips to operate the OS made by Google.

1. Use Keyboard More Easily

In order to move the mode from letter to number, you can push “123”. Basically, this button is placed on the beneath, next to the “,” button. But, it might be very disturbing you. So, there is a short and simple way for you to fix it.

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It is no wonder that almost all people across the globe have a social media account, even more than one. Social media enable us to be someone we want to be. You can build a certain description that might not be reached on your real life. A short word we can say, social media can give you someone you really want to be. 

There are some reasons why social media can give so. Just take the most famous social media as the example. Facebook is a kind of social media that enables you to add everyone around the world. It allows you to build a person with different life without having not to be scared if they know who you really are. Since so many people do not be satisfied enough with their own life, it is such a shortcut to run-away from their real life. It is why people are easy to get addicted with such a thing.  Social media is just like a breakthrough to what they want to reach.

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