Wearable device such as Smartwatch it is not in the middle of race for getting the market. One of the most well-known Smatwatch lately is OS Android Wear, a special OS from Google for Smartwatch. The first one that uses this Android Wear is a product from LG named LG G Watch.

However, many observers said that there are many people still wait for Moto 360’s appearance. They think that Moto 360 has the finest shape among other smartwatches. Considering this condition, it seems that LG won’t agree with such statement and then they suddenly released the newest version of LG G Watch which looks like Moto 360 named LG G Watch R.

Some observers said that it is a part of LG’s sale strategy in which it only takes 2,5 months since the first series of LG G Watch getting involved into technology market. LG makes the worlds shocked by the official announcement about its newest smartwatch with the name which is also the same, LG G Watch R. Apparently LG is very serious in competing Moto 360. And also, Moto 360 has found the real competitor in the Wearable Device class. Of course, Smartwatcch LG G Watch has different concept and specification with the predecessor. The first difference is that LG G Watch R has round design and using analog needle.

Besides, LG G Watch R has OLED plastic screen or P-OLEDD as wide as 1,3 inches. It’s claimed that this component can bring high quality and purity for the sight-seeing but it’s still a strong device.

The other great thing of the device is the screen clarity even though it is used at the high lighting such as under the sun light. LG G Watch R is completed with Processor Snapdragon 400 which is able to reach up to 1, 2 GHz for the clock speed. It is the same as entry level smartphone performance or even the mid-end one.

The user is freely saving any data thanks to 4GB internal memory in it. In fact, it is completed with RAM 512MB with the battery 410mAh for the power support.

It is almost the same as the predecessor that LG G Watch R also uses Android Wear operating system specialised for wearable device. Sadly, there is no information whether LG G Watch R can run special application provided by Google Play Store.

It is interesting because LG G Watch R is claimed that it is able to withstand against dust and water thanks to IP67 certificates. Such certificate is such a guarantee that this device is withstand from these two materials. Related to the price, there is no information specifically. However, you will be able to find LG G Watch R at the end of year 2014.

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