It might be the question pop-up on the android users’ head who know and enjoy overall about OS android when iPhone was just released a couple times ago. Some android users will worry about their own trust about it. Maybe there are people who still stand on their stance that iOS is not better and more free than the Android OS. Thanks to the freedom for the users, the users still take android as their favourite OS.

It is just for you to know, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which was just officially released a couple time ago have bigger size, faster and more amazing than the predecessor. But actually, iPhone is not that much changed. If you do not know about what features on iPhone 6, you might pay attention to these specifications below.

4.7 inch Screen (iPhone 6)

A year ago, when iPhone was just released, Apple has ever announced that the size 4 inch of iPhone 5 is the most ideal size for a smartphone. Apple said that it is the perfect size because it is optimum for using with one hand and it is fit for being hold. Now, Apple forced to delete this marketing statement when releasing iPhone 6 whose size is 4.7 inch as the new standard of cell phone in 2014. For your information, 4.7 inch is the standard size used for all androids since 2012.

5.5 inch Screen (iPhone 6 Plus)

If Apple think that 4 inch screen is the perfect one, then what they think about Tim Cook, Jony Ive and all the products from Apple with the screen as wide as 4,7 inch (iPhone 6), even up to 5,5 inch for iPhone 6 Plus. For Your Information, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has made the device with 5,5 inch which was very popular in the end of 2012 and it can be very good to be the default size for the screen in 2015. 

The Resolution of the Screen 1080p

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has increased the retina screen of HD Display completed with the resolution 1920 × 1080 pixel and 401 ppi. It is such a big jump for Apple since the Retina Display which was only 326 ppi previously, but the upgrade by Apple is still lagging behind the android. The 5,5 inch of Android LG G3 has resolution 1440 x 2560 pixel with 538 ppi. We did not say thata apply reall needs much more pixel to against android, but it is much better if the 4,7 inch on iPhone 6 is not 1334 x 750 because only Apply want to keep the same 326 ppi Retina Display on the first version.

NFC with Wireless Payments

The latest iPhone version finally has NFC that allows Apple Pay using iPhone. But actually, the NFC technology has been used on the mobile peripherals since almost a decade ago. Google has ever officially supported the wireless communication standard with platform Nexus S. Android using NFC to send and receive information such as contact card, URL web, photos, videos and even for mobile payment. It is delighting that iPhone users will be able to use NFC for mobile payment, but Apple seems ignoring some sharing features which supposed to be active by NFC. 

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

Optical Image Stabilization has been used on Android since years ago on several flagship cell phones. Now, LG and Nokia seem to be the only ones that really commit to something called technology. LG Nexus 5 has used the camera technology, so was HTC last year on TC One (M7) but then the feature was disappeared on the newer, HTC One (M8) because it was not compatible with two camera censor camera on the feature DuoCamera. And Digital Image Stabilization (OIS) works very well on some Samsung cell phones.

The fact the Apple has copied and adopted the feature which has been used since years ago on android makes Apple cannot be called as a revolutionary company. 

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