Sometimes when you are in the middle of surfing on internet, you might find an interesting blog. You cannot stop reading the contents and then you save the pages in webpage format (.html) in order to be able to read offline. In another time, you are interested to another blog so that you do the same.

If you save up to 20 pages a blog, you can image how many webpage documents saved on your computer. Imagine if you save up to 20 blogs, you will find that your computer is very messy. In fact, you might lose your interest to read them.

There is a solution if you often face such a ridiculous problem. Instead of saving the blog page by page, you can try to save all contents of the blog by using Bloxp service. Bloxp is a service that enables you to download a blog and export it to be an e-book. To use it, you can visit the website and insert the name of the blog you want to download on the provided column. Bloxp automatically downloads blog’s contents and export them into epub or mobi-formatted e-book.

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Fantastico is a tool that enables you to automatically install open source application and CMS provided by this installed. Fantastico scripts are executed from the administration area on a website control panel like cPanel. Website of Fantastico claims that it has been installed on ten thousand servers, with a million users across the globe.

A webmaster who wants to install any open source application or CMS must create database and upload the file to a server. But, it will not be necessary anymore when you are using Fantastico because all you need to do as a webmaster has been handled very well by Fantastico.

When a new web is going to create or when you would add a new application to an existing web, the Fantastico scripts will be executed. Typically, the scripts create some tables in certain database adjust some permissions, install software as well as modify the files of web server configuration. Even though Fantastico primarily targets open-source software, a handful scripts are also provided for installing some proprietary products. After being installed, those all are available for all domains hosted by physical servers.

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It is now you can find many CMS available for free. You can use some of CMS to make all kinds of websites. Basically, you don’t need to have any capability related to programming or even design.  You just need to use it directly. That’s it. Furthermore, there is professional CMS which is supported by tough community so that abundance additional applications you need are easy to get.

Some types of websites could be developed through CMS such as portal, blog, wiki, forum, E-commerce, e-image, e-learning, e-audio, e-video and so forth. Then, you can make the website as you need. That only depends on your website level, the language you will use and the users of your websites.

There are professional free CMS available and often used nowadays. Moreover, the network o the developing community is quite tough and great such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Besides, there are a couple special CMSs which have e-commerce as the segmentation and have many users. This CMS is Magento and osCommerce.

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CMS (Content Management System) is system that gives easiness to the users in managing and changes the content of their dynamic websites without any technical knowledge needed. In that way, it’s no matter what are you task either the writer or even the editor, you can use it widely any time you need. You can create, erase or even renew the content of websites and you don’t need to deal with the webmaster.

The capabilities and the features of CMS system are different. However most of software has web based publication feature, format management, control for revision, index maker, searching engine as well as archive. Commonly, a CMS consists of two elements. Those are Content Management Application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA).

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