The main function of a gallery application is only to see photo collection and also watch videos. Android is also equipped such a feature as default. But, it is okay if you want to improve your gallery feature in order to make it easier on your eyes and also to make it more cool. 

Piktures, this application is a new comer among video and photo managing applications. However, do not underestimate it since it is definitely sophisticated and in fact more up-to-date than the predecessor. It is understandable since the developer must learn much from the existed ones before developing. 

The thing which is interesting is the appearance that is very beautiful thanks to the Material Design, flat and minimalistic design. Piktures is light and easy to operate even though the videos and photos handled are many. 

Another feature you must like is the image resizer. This feature is very helpful for you to post an image on social media or instant messenger.   The photo from a sophisticated camera must be in a large size. So, it will be so hard to upload it. Thanks to this feature, it will be such a piece of cake for you. 

The other thing interesting is the gesture-based navigation which is very practical to use to see albums and group the photos based on geolocation. On the left, you will see all albums and those can be managed as you want even hide them. On the right side, you can group the photo based on geolocation, but you need to activate the Geolocation when taking a picture. This Piktures also will display the date of taking the picture.