If you have a problem with your sleeping, for example, it is so hard for you to get asleep. You can use your android to accomplish this problem. You just need to install some applications below.  These applications have their own methods to make you have high quality sleeping and enough taking a rest so that you can run your life with full of spirit.


This application will give nature sounds which are definitely settling you down. You can change the elements of the sounds available in order to get the harmony which meet to your wish. 


This application can track your sleeping pattern and with the method, it can give you more high quality sleeping.  The usage is that you just need to put your android beneath your pillow and then phone accelerometer will make your sleeping pattern and give such an analysis for you when you wake up, sleep and even dream through your movement.

The application will wake you up at the right time, for instance, 20 minutes before you wake up as usual, but you feel fresher after waking up. In fact, this application can make you sleep only 4 hours but with the quality as same as 7 hours sleeping.  So, the app is more emphasis to the user to get high quality sleep. 


If using music is failed for you to get asleep, you can try hypnotherapy. Andrew Johnson is the Scottish hypnotherapist and with his method and sounds, you can sleep so tight. There are three themes available, i.e. “Positivity”, “Lose Weight”, and “Build Confidence”.


Yoga is to be one of the alternatives for you to help you sleeping well. You sometimes think that is hard to find yoga instructor around your neighbourhood, so this application can fix the problem. This app is the solution. You just need your android to get yoga movement from the instructor in the application. It is simple and easy to use. You can use it everywhere you go and whenever you want. 


It is the only free application from the list above. As the Andrew Johnson’s method used on the application, it is also hypnosis. Since it is free, the sound quality is not good enough if compared with the others. But it is enough to give you hypnotherapy. 

Those are 5 awesome android applications you can use to help you sleeping tight. It is very suitable or you who have insomnia disease.