If you look for shopping applications, you must get plethora applications available. It is very east to get. But, there is a unique application named Listia. Listia is an application that allows you to get a thing or give a thing to somebody else. Usually the things given or taken are used ones. It is very common for us not to use your old goods although those are still able to use. So, rather than make your space are full of goods you do not want to use anymore, it is better to give them to others who still need or want them.

The main purpose of the developer creating this application is for charity. The way of work is you need to sign up first, as you sign up firstly, you will get points. This point will be used to buy any good on Listia.

You can get the point by listing or give a good or simply invite you friends. If you have no enough point to a good you wish, you can buy the point. The money you pay for the point will be donated.

Based on application design, Listia looks like other shopping application. First, open the app and you will get three options, browse any good, explanation about how this app works and get started. You can start by get started. On it, you will find your own account information including credit, listing and bid if you are interested in a certain good on there.

For the listing discovery, this application gives several menus such as category, featured, explore, popular and reward. The name off each menu describes what is in. if you are interested to a certain good, you cannot directly buy it because the type of transaction in this application is an auction within certain times. The currency is the points.

The idea of this application is definitely unique and interesting, it is not only giving you a chance to give your used goods for others, you might also get some goods you really want but you have no money or even chance to buy it.