A Browser is such primary application on a smartphone since there is internet connection on it. A browser is always available as default application. Without a browser, you cannot access any websites and surf. So, no matter there is a default browser on a smartphone, there are more browsers you can install on your smartphone as options.

Now Browser Pro presents not as a rival for the well-known ones like Chrome, Firefox, and some others more, but this browser comes to complete them. It can be said that this browser is such a secondary browser you can use to open any websites when you get problems on the ordinary ones.

This Browser has cool performance that is as cool as the popular ones. Thanks to the smaller size, Now Browser can translate any sophisticated codes very well. The benchmark’s result along with html5test.com also shows a performance with high score.

The appearance is up-to-date. If you know Material Design which is to be hits lately, you will be glad since Now Browser has applied the default appearance that will be used on Android L later.

In addition, Now Browser is available on two versions, Free and Pro. The difference between the two is that the Pro version which is paid version has several cool features such as follow:

  • Can open many tabs
  • Java Script Superfast Mode that is useful to make a browser able to process the look of Java Script quickly
  • Cache Trimming that is useful to get rid of yang left caches during browsing
  • Web File Compressor that is able to compress data when browsing so that you can save your data package more and also the browsing is much faster
  • Now Browser Rendering Engine that is also able to render the contain on a website in order to make it faster in displaying the content on the browser.

Those cool features mentioned above can be enjoyed sooner as you buy Now Browser Pro as much as $1.5. So, if you want to try first, it is better to choose the free version. If you think you like it, you can take the pro one.

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