When you are in spending holiday at somewhere, you must take some photos for all moments that will be memorable for you. Thanks to social media appearance, you are able to share the photos directly through your smartphone. But, you must wish to share the best photos that can attract your friends and many other people. In order to reach this purpose, you need a help from photo editor application in order to improve your photos in a best way. You will find that your photos become more artful and attracting. There are a plethora of photo editor applications you can use to help you improving your special photos. But among those, there are several which are considered as the best photo editor applications you should use. Here they are:


Instagram is the photo editor application that is developed and marketed by Instagram.Inc. thanks to Instagram, your photo results will be much more artful with the effects like Kodak Instamatic camera and Polaroid. Instagram enables you to share directly your photos on your social network account. This Instagram application can be downloaded freely through the official website. it is available for android and iOS users.


Snapseed is another photo editor application that is worthy to be considered. Snapseed is developed and marketed by Nik Software which is now a part of Google. Snapseed has some interesting features you can use to edit your photo so that those become much better to be seen. But the most stunning feature from Snapseed is AutoCorrect feature. Thanks to AutoCorrect feature, you can fix the uality of the photos instantly. Snapseed is also providing Share feature which can be used to share your photos on various social media. The Snapseed application can also be downloaded from the official website. This app is also available for either android users or iOS users.



The other fabulous photo editor application you need to use is Pixlr-o-Matic. Pixlr-o-Matic has quite complete features such as take photo directly through this app, Resize it, delete the Red Eye, fix your teeth to be white, any other kinds of editing which are often needed in order to get great appearance of the photo. Pixlr-o-Matic also allows you to share the photos on your social media with Share feature on the app. It is also ready to download on the official website. All android and iOs users are able to use the app, just like the two beforehand.


Features provided by PicsArt is also as sophisticated as the applications mentioned above. Thanks to PicsArt, you can be such an outstanding artist with the full help from the features provided by PicsArt. Sadly, now PicsArt is only provided for android-OS-based smartphone only. You can download the application for free on Google Play.



This photo editor application is quite interesting as well. It has features just like a DSLR camera. The superiority of Cymera is that you can take the photo from the app by using AutoFocus effect and some other effects that you often find on DSLR camera. Thanks to Cymera, you can edit the photo such as edit the colour of your skin, delete the Red Eye and also apply some other great effects. This app is ready to download on Google Play for free, if you are android users and on Apple Store if you are iOS users.

If you want to share your photo directly from those five applications, you need fast access internet in order to make the process of uploading done well.


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