SMS is one of the most favorite applications ever for mobile users since the first appearance. It is a kind of old-fashioned way to contact other people but somehow people never leave it even though there are an abundance of new and sophisticated ways to connect with people you know. No wonder if there is such effort to improve the service of SMS by giving various kinds of SMS applications you may use. Two of those are Textra and Hello SMS. These two apps for android SMS are very unique. So you might want to apply on your android.


It is such a creative SMS application that allows you to set notification and color for each contact easily. So, you can identify anyone who send the message to you directly when hearing the voice of the notification.

Furthermore, the application gives simpler widget service. Besides, the file of the app, Textra is quite small. Sometimes, people maybe feel that SMS is out of date. But, it is ensured that SMS will never be left behind. The reason is that SMS is the real identification of the user cellphone number. Besides, you still need an SMS for account verification. 

There is suggestion if you use this service more often. It is better if you install 3rd party applications (alternatives) for android. 

Hello SMS

Hello SMS is a simple SMS application that offers the users easiness to move from one chat to another. Thanks to the neat design, Hello SMS put the chats in order. The chats are arranged on tabs so you just need to move the slide on the tab when intending to change the chat. This application also can adjust lighting. You can set it automatically the brightness so that the screen will be easy on your eyes.  

Moreover, the application provides direct reading and replying feature from the notification without having to open the application first.

Those are two cool SMS services that are able to be your option if you feel bored with the standard SMS service on your android. 

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