A Browser is such primary application on a smartphone since there is internet connection on it. A browser is always available as default application. Without a browser, you cannot access any websites and surf. So, no matter there is a default browser on a smartphone, there are more browsers you can install on your smartphone as options.

Now Browser Pro presents not as a rival for the well-known ones like Chrome, Firefox, and some others more, but this browser comes to complete them. It can be said that this browser is such a secondary browser you can use to open any websites when you get problems on the ordinary ones.

This Browser has cool performance that is as cool as the popular ones. Thanks to the smaller size, Now Browser can translate any sophisticated codes very well. The benchmark’s result along with html5test.com also shows a performance with high score.

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The wasteful battery problem actually can be fixed with some simple tips which no need any other additional application. Additional application usually only helps to automate it for example shut down the Bluetooth, Wii, or hibernate the running application.

There are a lot of applications can be used. But you might look for them carefully on Play Store because there are also available low quality applications which are helpless. In order to make you easier in finding the great applications without having to worry about any problems, just check these several outstanding applications below.

1. Greenify

This application is one of the most favourite android users that have been rooted (even though it can work without Root access). Thanks to Greenify application, your android peripheral can run almost all applications fluently just like what you firstly fell at first you own it.

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When you are in spending holiday at somewhere, you must take some photos for all moments that will be memorable for you. Thanks to social media appearance, you are able to share the photos directly through your smartphone. But, you must wish to share the best photos that can attract your friends and many other people. In order to reach this purpose, you need a help from photo editor application in order to improve your photos in a best way. You will find that your photos become more artful and attracting. There are a plethora of photo editor applications you can use to help you improving your special photos. But among those, there are several which are considered as the best photo editor applications you should use. Here they are:

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Besides Android 5.0, Google Newsstand 5.0 and Google Play 5.0, there is one Service Google that will get significant update, Gmail 5.0. It is just the same as the other updates which are not released officially yet. But leaks related to the appearance and the new features that will be introduced have been leaked.

The new concept of material design seems going to be implemented on Google 5.0, something that has been predicted beforehand. Besides, there is one feature that deserves to be waited. The application can handle all email account without any exception. It means including your email that is not on Gmail.

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