AppsNity comes from an effort to provide a place for special applications related to website we have made and distributed. The idea then expanded to be much larger. We attempt to make AppsNity as a new spirit for us to create other applications and also to accommodate applications from other parties who are interested in distributing their apps through this site. In addition, we accept any kind of cooperation from any other parties who want to create applications together either the web-based app or the android one and then share the apps for free and paid if necessary. Those applications will be placed on a certain place named “Download”.

To support the use of applications shared on the website, AppsNity provides “How To” section to give guidance consisting of guide materials as best we could. In that way, we can help the users who have already downloaded the apps but still get confused to install or to use them.

Furthermore, there is a section named “Bulletin” that provides you some chosen information started from all things related to new products from various modern gadgets such as tablet, smartphone and so forth; where you can find on special sub-section titled “Mobile Gadget”. Then, there is a sub-section titled “Apps Review” where you can find information and reviews about various applications for your gadgets. The other sub-section provided is “The CMS” as one of the primary parts for this website. On those all sub-sections, we try to spoil you with complete information about website especially CMS-based web that is now much more popular and even be primary life style on cyber world.

AppsNity is not limited only to those sections mentioned above. There are many others more related to the website development and attempt to give easiness for visitors. For the example, there is “Notification” that is purposed to give information about new product or updated product of all website’s visitors.

A Glance About The Word "AppsNity"

The word AppsNity is from two different ideas in which each idea is also inspired from two initial words, the first one is “Applications N’ Solidarity”. The second one is “Applications – Unity”. After looking for the right word some times, then we found two ideas combined into one that is AppsNity. However, for this time, the logo is more likely to be the second idea.  

Our hope, APPSNITY.COM could be one portal online as an alternative for you to find useful and efficient application and also give you a cozy place to enrich your knowledge about apps. Furthermore, we hope that is to be place where we gather to develop creativity in creating application to share with others.

AppsNity.Com - One For All, All For One -

Random Bulletin

I Know The Cartoon, a Cartoon Character Guessing Game
Fri, 17 Oct 2014 - Zandra Herrald

If you confess that you are cartoon series lover, it seems that this android application can be a tool to test you. The name of the application is I Know The Cartoon. This app [ ... ]

Swiper, a Game for Training Your Dexterity and Memory through Android
Sun, 02 Nov 2014 - Zandra Herrald

Before entering to a game, there will be 4 cards with different colours whereas each card will have a direction adjusted to the colour. For example, the blue is up, the yellow [ ... ]

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