There are a lot of CMS available to use for making a website. In fact, those all are available for free. Indeed, it is very easy, even for a beginner who doesn’t understands anything about PHP, CSS and database or even HTML. There are several things need to pay attention to choose CMS. Check them out:

Does the CMS script meet your need?

What do you expect from a blog? It is only for writing, commenting, trackbacking, calendar or any other else? Choose the CMS that meets your own need. Find out whether a certain CMS meets to your specific needs such as blogging, news management, online education or so forth.

Does Your Webhosting Support for that CMS Script?

It is important to pay attention whether your webhosting support database mysql. If not, you need to use database flat text. Make sure the PHP version suitable. Also make sure that Gd-library support image manipulation.

Is It Suitable with Your Internet Connection?

If you use CMS which has so many facilities (using AJAX so it looks like desktop application) that takes longer time in loading, you need to pay attention to your internet connection. You can improve it if possible. Then, the next question is, is it working for mobile blogging?

Does It Support SEF?

It is important if Google boot would mind to come to your website. That’s why you need to consider whether the CMS support SEF.

Does It Support RSS?

It seems that RSS now to be primary menu on websites. Even more it could enhance the popularity of the website on Google.

Does It Support Category Separation?

In order to get your website visitors easier to read your website content you need to find out whether the CMS supports any category separation. It is easier to read categorised writing instead of blending them at once

Does It Support Sitemap and Google Sitemap?

Sitemap actually makes users easier to sure on your website. As a matter of fact, it also makes boot Google easier at indexing your website. If CMS supports Google sitemap, it would be very helpful.

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