This year is the big year for Xiaomi whereas its debut has been started since this early year. Based on Strategy Analytic, the power of Xiaomi in the market make vendors claimed that they get the third rank from the global smartphone manufacturer. The last ratings for Xiaomi was the fifth, a ouple months ago.

What Xiaomi claimed is to the fame of Mi3 in which the demand of the product is definitely gigantic in India thanks to the price only $220 to get the device with specifications offered 5inch full-HD screen, 2,3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, RAM 2GB, 16GB internal memory, 13MP main camera and 3.050 mAh battery capacity. Mi3 will be continued with Mi4 in India this last year.

On the third quarterly in 2014, Xiaomi sent 18 million of handsets. It is definitely much bigger than the last year which was only about 5.2 million handsets. This increase in the sale number shows that the market of Xiaomi 5.2 percents up from 2.1 percents on Q3 2013. And recently Samsung leads the number on 79.200.000 shipping and up to 24.7 percent on the market if compared Q3 vendor in the year 2013 reaching about 88.4juta shipping and place 35 percent on the market that is point the demand decreasing on the manufacturer from South Korea. On the other hand, Apple succeeds in placing the second rank and LG as the winner.

With the result off the Strategy Analytic survey above, it can be seen that all shippings are increasing from 252.900.000 units on Q3 2013 to be 320.400.000 on Q3 2014. The increase is up to 27 percent. The possibility of this increase might keep happening thanks to the fast growth of the market on several developing countries such as Asia and Africa that balance the decrease of the market happened on North America and Europe.

And what about Xiaomi? Will Xiaomi keep stand or lose ground? Xiaomi itself is big because of the community whereas the community itself keep the existence and is supported well. So, it is hard to move the position of Xiaomi.

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