It is good news for you who want to change your old with the newest Galaxy Note. Lately, Samsung officially released the most wanted tablets in this century, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Moreover, reputedly, Galaxy Note 4 has been distributed around the world lately.

It turns out that Galaxy Note 4 has not increased the dimension of the display, it still use 5.7 inch. However, the resolution is increased to be Quad HD (the former is FullHD). It must increase the quality of the display. Besides, the style comes with different design from the former. That’s why it looks more futuristic.

Galaxy Note 4 will come with two different processor variances. The first one is using Snapdragon 805 Chipset and the other is using Exynos 5433 Chipset. The one that used to be published officially is that the own using Exynos Chipset. It might be little bit disappointing for some people because some users of the former said that Chipset Snapdragon is much faster than Chipset Exynos.

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This year, many people said that Tablet Nexus is made by HTC but there is no news about that until now. Silently, there is a tablet appearance that could reach score up to more than 45 thousands and is identified as Google Nexus 9 as the result of benchmark test from Antutu. Thanks to this success by getting the score almost 46 thousands, it can beat the offer of Android tablet available at this time.

Tablet Google Nexus 9 is made by HTC with code name Volantis. It has been sure that this Nexus 9 is the newest chipset from Nvidia named 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 SoC which brings processor dual-core Denver 64-bit with speed 2,5GHz. Moreover, it is integrated with memory RAM as big as 4GB and also supported by an awesome graphical manager from GeForce Kepler 192-core.

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Galaxy Apha is the first product presented by Samsung that is made from metal. This year, Samsung made such an innovation by this metal-body premium product Galaxy Alpha. Even this gadget has been more popular on internet since several weeks ago. 

Besides using metal as the material, Galaxy Alpha has slim body with the width about 6,7 mm. By the adorable looks, Galaxy Alpha can make you fall in love with it easily. Moreover, this gadget is totally light when being held. No wonder if this Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS-based smartphone is only 115 gram! The angle is curvy in order to minimize possibility to fall on the body. 

It is not only offering pretty design, Samsung also integrates this Galaxy Alpha with several outstanding hardware such as Exynos 5 5430 Octa-core, which consists of quad-core Cortex-A15 with speed 1.8GHz and quad-core Cortex-A7 with speed 1.3GHz.

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Wearable device such as Smartwatch it is not in the middle of race for getting the market. One of the most well-known Smatwatch lately is OS Android Wear, a special OS from Google for Smartwatch. The first one that uses this Android Wear is a product from LG named LG G Watch.

However, many observers said that there are many people still wait for Moto 360’s appearance. They think that Moto 360 has the finest shape among other smartwatches. Considering this condition, it seems that LG won’t agree with such statement and then they suddenly released the newest version of LG G Watch which looks like Moto 360 named LG G Watch R.

Some observers said that it is a part of LG’s sale strategy in which it only takes 2,5 months since the first series of LG G Watch getting involved into technology market. LG makes the worlds shocked by the official announcement about its newest smartwatch with the name which is also the same, LG G Watch R. Apparently LG is very serious in competing Moto 360. And also, Moto 360 has found the real competitor in the Wearable Device class. Of course, Smartwatcch LG G Watch has different concept and specification with the predecessor. The first difference is that LG G Watch R has round design and using analog needle.

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