The wasteful battery problem actually can be fixed with some simple tips which no need any other additional application. Additional application usually only helps to automate it for example shut down the Bluetooth, Wii, or hibernate the running application.

There are a lot of applications can be used. But you might look for them carefully on Play Store because there are also available low quality applications which are helpless. In order to make you easier in finding the great applications without having to worry about any problems, just check these several outstanding applications below.

1. Greenify

This application is one of the most favourite android users that have been rooted (even though it can work without Root access). Thanks to Greenify application, your android peripheral can run almost all applications fluently just like what you firstly fell at first you own it.

This Greenify application can help you to identify and place such wasteful application (need too much battery) in the hibernation mode if you do not use those apps. It is in order to stop their activities to take the battery in the unique way.

2. JuiceDefender Ultimate

Thanks to the application, you can increase the effectiveness of the battery use by profile feature available. For example, when the battery runs out, you can activate aggressive profile. This feature close all connectivity when the battery will run out, so that the use of the battery much more effective, just a part of optimization. The other profile provided are Balance, Extreme, Advanced and you can also manage them by yourself by Customize a profile. All profiles will be explained on this application which is a function and activation recommendation.

3. Clever Connectivity

Clever Connectivity will enable you to set the data package use smartly without having to pass through an important message on the email or online application. The features are among setting for Data Connection, Data Manager, WiFi Connection, WiFi Manager, Auto Sync, Auto Wifi Off, Sleep Hours, Time Off and Usage Check Interval. Related to the functions and the use of each feature, you can learn it yourself on the application.

4. GreenPower Premium

This application is functioned to manage the peripherals such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Data package, Account Sync, and so forth. In addition, it allows you to manage the brightness, the time out displa and several other settings related to display.

There is a special in this application. It is “Pause” button. This button stops the application itself. When the pause button is active, all peripherals back to the default system or to the setting you have made beforehand.

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