What things you really need about time related applications? An application must be made for a specific function such as alarm and timer. These two applications are easy to find at Play Store. Then, what do you think if there two kinds of applications are joined in the fascinating look? As the user, you also must consider the practicality. You don’t need to install more application which makes your android memory full.

Timely Alarm Clock is an unusual admixture application between alarm and timer. The developer succeeded in joining two functions nicely. Moreover, it is not only beautiful but also the features are cool. Commonly, alarm unction is only for reminding, but the way this apps spoiling is very different. Timely enables you set alarm as many as possible with simply way. You just need 3 times touching the screen to manage the time by shifting the time up and down according to the time you will set.

Related to the timer, there are two functions available. Those are timer and stopwatch. These two are very easy and practical to use. You just need to spin to the right direction for managing the time.

The thing that makes it more special is the capability of changing the theme of the look by the user. For the free version, Timely is great to do its job. But, if you interested in more cool features you need to pay first. You can get synchronization feature, type of voice additions, free of advertisemets as well as the other packages. You can also pay those features by sharing this application through social media. As you shared the application, you will get unique code that can be used by other people. After 20 people use the application with the code you have, you will get it all for free.

Just try it if you don’t believe it!

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