Talking about browse mobile will always deal with Opera as the biggest mobile platform. Since an ancient time ago where smartphone not exists yet, Opera has been well known for accessing internet on mobile device.

Besides being the most popular platform on mobile, Opera is also worthy to be considered on android. There are 4 opera browser variances that are offered such as opera browser for android, opera mini browser, opera classic and the last, Opera browser beta. Now, it is time for AppsNity to explain about Opera browser beta.

As the name, opera browser beta is still on Beta version. There is still any change for the released version later. However, you are still able to see the great features offered on this opera version.

On the highlight given at first use, Opera offers 3 mainstay features. The first one is Off Road Mode. This feature can save the data package use until 80%. The second one is Speed Dial Launcher which allow you to set a certain website you often visit to be included into speed dial. Later, you will find a line of speed dial like beautiful icons at first you open the application.

Terakhir, aplikasi menawarkan discover tab, yaitu browsing tanpa memasukkan alamat tab. Selayaknya feed reader, opera browser beta juga memberikan kurasi dari berbagai website terkemuka dunia. Kamu juga bisa memilih kategori apa yang mau kamu baca, ada banyak sekali pilihannya.

The last application offered is Discover Tab that let you browse without entering tab address at all. As a feed reader, opera browser beta gives accurate information from all outstanding websites around the world. You can also choose any category you want to read. There are so many options provided.

Of course, besides those three features, the main opera’s job as web browser will be never gone. This application will always give the best browser performance, the classy one.

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